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we have seen in the last ten years the presidents despite george w. bush's presidency trying to actually almost by themselves in foreign policy. domestic affairs, if you read the papers, there is not a lot of discussion about the role of the president in domestic affairs. you would be surprised to see the kind of president we had today in this area. they thought the president would be a check on congress and not somebody urging and pushing congress to enact the president's program. alexander hamilton said the executive is necessary to protect against the irregular and high-handed combinations that interrupt the ordinary coarse of justice. i love this phrase. the humors of the legislature. i guess this is why they elected that. you lock at the discussion of the veto power and the federalist papers, it's not talked about as this sword by the president to convince the congress to enact his or her program. it is discussed as the president to protect its own constitutional authorities and to furnish an additional security about the enaction of improper laws and laws that would be
. some of whom you might like. some of whom you don't. i'm not a fan of george w. bush and therefore i was horrified by some of the things that john wrote about presidential power. i assume that many of you in this room were no fans of bill clinton or barack obama in terms of their capacity to be commander in chief. i think all of us are right. that you wouldn't select out these people to make the decisions of peace and war, life and death. shift to the financial crisis. one of the most interesting books on that was written by a reporter for "the wall street journal." and one of the points he made is that the decisions again, whether you like them or not, the decisions were made by the head of the fed that is ben bernanke and secretary of treasury pahlsson, who wants to stipulate and know something about the economy. george w. bush basically is next to nowhere to be seen in this book. and nobody in the reviews has suggested that he got it wrong. and frankly i'm more re-assured by bernanke or other heads of the fed, like more than bernanke than let's say either bush or obama whom i supp
is a return to george w. bush and bush's popularity increased upticked a bit recently but he left office unpopular with respect to his foreign policy. obama will argue that he inherited a mess in many places. less secure world and he's made it more secure. romney is advocating pretty much the same policies as george w. bush and will try to paint him as being reckless, too quick to use force, and the like. one more direct line of attack that was tried already was romney did make some statements saying that he didn't think we should gallivant around the world and spend billions of dollars to find one person. he criticized obama's statements that he would go inside pakistan and after bin laden took place during the 2008 campaign. and obama will try to truck that out to show that romney is not tough on terrorism. and then i think he'll try to make the argument that romney in some ways is trapped in the past. maybe making a youth versus someone who is older but romney's statements that russia is our number one geopolitical foe was mocked by a lot of people in the foreign policy establishment
. he is going to make the argument that mitt romney's foreign policy as a return to george w. bush. he left office very unpopular with respect to his foreign policy. obama will argue that he inherited a mess, at a less secure world, and he has made it more secure. mitt romney is advocating the same policies as george w. bush and will try to paint them as being reckless, too quick to use force, and the like. one more direct line of attack that was tried already was mitt romney did make some statement saying that he did not think we should galavant the world and spent billions of dollars trying to find one person. he criticized obama's statement that he would go inside pakistan after bin laden. obama will try to track that out to show that mitt romney is not tough on terrorism. i think he will try to make the argument that mitt romney is trapped in the past and maybe making -- his statements that russia is our number one geopolitical cell was mocked by a lot of people in the foreign- policy establishment, including a lot of republicans. the arms control agreement was -- had very strong b
will be rid of george w. bush are what get this economy going again. our first black president. hope and change was his way of ringing optimism to his site, to his ideology. we all know it is a sick ideology really destroying the country, but he was able to sell it because he did it with a smile and a dead as a happy idea what this cause. you can never do at this time. his record is so bad is going to run a campaign against governor romney because he has no choice and is going to be cometely 100% negative. this gives governor romney and all abuzz a huge opening to be the happy warriors. we've got to understand happy warriors believed that america can be saved and that is worth saving and we can do the mission must have an it's going to be hard. i read about in this book is going to be hard and require sacrifice because the kooks will not go down without a fight. we have to persevere and it will be painful and branching. look at what is happening in western europe after decades of socialism. it is wrenching and it will be wrenching here. the key to the happy warrior is to understand t
or stimulus. it's barack obama or george w. bush, but it's not that simple, not that satisfying. one cause however does stand out amongst many. cheap and ample credit. for years the ability of almost every working american to access more credit than they should have been able to, masked the underlying fact that lower and middle class incomes were not rising. people felt and in many cases actually were wealthier than their salaries or socioeconomic
and following george h.w. bush, president clinton kept the framework in place for review by omb of regulations and that has continued to this day. >> i want to make one more comment about this point because john mentioned it and i looked something up before i came, a quote, so i wanted to use it. just like a law student in class. so this question of what happens when jefferson becomes president and the cooperation of the legislature, so john marshall who personally did not get along with jefferson was asked what did he think jefferson would be like as president? he wrote a letter where he said he thought jefferson was going to be somewhat dangerous as president and he said why? because jefferson is going to quote, unquote, buy himself a house of representatives which would increase his personal power, but marshall always thought it would lead to the weakening was office of the president to do that and it came to fruition in the years after jefferson which is if the president so closely cooperates with the house and uses a political party system to do that, we start to -- we might start to appr
tradition. john mccain did only give two years, which is fair to say. but george w. bush gave eight years of tax returns. john kerry gave 20. my god, i can't even believe he saved 20 years. president obama gave 12 years. jonathan, that's the point. i -- how do you graciously, if you're mitt romney, give in here? >> well, there's no gracious way to give in anymore, because he's had his back up against the wall for so long. but there still is the opportunity to give in, get it out there and move on for him. i mean, you know, those of us who have, you know, gone to kind of crisis communications 101 have taken those -- 101 course of crisis communications understand that you've got something that you don't think people are going to like, the best thing you can do is get it out there and get it over with. meanwhile, mitt romney, you notice, continues to dance around the subject and dance around the subject, giving us lots to talk about on cable tv, speculating what's in it, speculating what might be in it. it's fun for us. >> one night of aggressive hits on the low tax rate in 2009 or whatever
will try to paint romney as having supported all of the policies of george w. bush and the iraq war was ultimately not seen as a failure and we led with honor and new iraqi government and relative stability although i will note that there was a recent bombing and so there are still problems in iraq. i don't know if we'll rehash it. i don't really think we rehashed it in the 2008 election. i don't think it will be a rehash but it will come up in terms of obama trying to link romney to what he would say are failed policies of the past. the gentleman in the gray shirt. >> i have two questions. one is a question of weakness from the left. when a lot of people possibly in this room believed that obama might be an anti-war president. in 2008 they voted him because they expected peace and some people would argue that's not how he's governed. he's been active with drones and taking out bin laden in quite a brave manner. i wonder if that will weaken his position on the left. it's not that they would vote for romney but they wouldn't vote at all. that's one issue. second, and the weakness mig
, previously he had a number of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan, george h.w. bush and george w. bush administrations. first the special assistance to the president and deputy to the chief of staff and in the white house for intergovernmental affairs. as many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations in geneva, assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs and most recently as president george w. bush's national envoy to sudan. he is also a longtime member and i think now vice chairman of the tours at the international republican institute. so, we are very glad to welcome both rich and michelle to this podium. proteins prides itself as a nonpartisan think tank and in that context we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar of brookings and chief quarters make respondent for cbs and nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program and also most recent lame as the hunting legacy, marvin powell. it's my pleasure to hand podium to you. >> thank you very much. i assume all of you are foreign policies and i
work quite well for george h. w. bush, attacking michael dukakis' jobs record in massachusetts saying he claimed there was a massachusetts miracle, it wasn't living up to -- to -- to the numbers. same things with bain capital here. if he is running as somebody who create jobs, we found real humans who lost their jobs because of decisions he made. make it so people don't trust him to build the economy and then they are given a choice for president they are toll rating and somebody who can't be trusted to reverse the trend. >> so okay, i want to pick up with something it is kind of an x factor that few people are talking about. you, dave, have in a recent post how the third party can have a major impact even with just a few votes. you cite the elections with both al gore and john mccain. talk about that and how third party candidates can swing the electoral college. >> well, if we are looking at an election where the incumbent is trying to disqualify the challenger, part of that -- people are just going to be dissatisfied with both candidates. in 2008 they liked those candidates n 2004,
'll see how far that goes cht it. it's not like the enthusiasm for george w. bush. >>> stay with us. the day's top lines are coming up. chances are, you're not me of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. here are today's top lines. >> if i were to loan you this to display here at the white house -- >> this will never go up in the white house. >> oh, it looks good on you though. >> my speculation about who mitt romney will choose as running mate, so it's fair to ask. >> that's a clown question, bro. >> a guy named joe biden. >> america runs on dunkin'. >> about dogs on top of cars, bain capital, bank account in the caymans. >> is it your belief that it's unpatriotic for someone to have a swiss bank account? >> if you are running for president is that the american people know and that you're an open book. >> should he release the tax returns? >> i would. >> that's been true of every presidential candidating back to mr. romney's father. >> i've had to face some hard truths tonight, billy.
for bush were my favorite anti-george w. bush satirical idea all through the bush years. they were the sa tire troupe that would show up to bush campaign events or fund-raisers or sometimes march through the streets professing to be billionaires in favor of president bush and his policy. for more war, for more wars. they would dress up in tuxedos and top hats and evening gowns and carry signs that said things like taxes are not for everyone. thank you for paying our fair shea. widen the income gap. for more barpz privatize everything. look at that in the back. corporations are people, too. this was preromney saying that. billionaires for bush was sort of genius. they did survive into the obama era when they became the anti-health reform group billionaires for wealth care. they dressed up in top hats and tails and occasionally as health care industry ceos to oppose health reform with signs like if we ain't broke, don't fix it. and let them eat advil. fight socialism, end medicare now. usually these guys announce their presence. they will put out a press release. billionaires for thing some
candidates had done? >> well, you know, george bush, george w. bush. the other candidated optded out of the public finances. personally, i would have stayed in. but that's because i'm a different kind of democrat. the president had a lot of supporters, a lot of money on the table in 2008. in my judgment it was spent very well. he won the race. this time it's a lot different. he will have to continue to raise money. maybe a lot smaller amount than he did before. >> is there a different optically, and people look at this. average folks for romney to go to a fund-raiser -- political fund raiser in the hamptons and he is a billionaire, as we all know. and going for fund-raisers there. what's the difference, if anything? >> i can't see it. reporters are able to get more unfortunate quotes from the people attending. that is for people attending the fund-raiser. here's the other thing to take in mind, and jim's report pointed to it. the obama campaign is in real danger of misunderstanding what happened with the bush campaign in 2004. the lesson they've taken is when you have a so-so economy
since 1988 when george h.w. bush carried it that year. look, we see the likes of joe biden now spending a lot of time in pennsylvania. let's not forget, go back to 2008, wolf, when president obama back in 2008 said that very ill-fated phrase. he said people are clinging to their guns and their religion. that is something that will not play very well in pennsylvania. but also in pennsylvania it also shows that in fact when you look at these numbers right here as far as television advertising right now, we've seen barack obama is spending money right now. more than $3 million right now, wolf, he is spending on tv advertising so far to carry his message. >> yeah. he doesn't want to take any chances. by the way, he said those less than artful words out in san francisco. >> he did. but it carried back. >> everybody heard it immediately all over the place. thanks very much. >>> take a look at this. we have some live pictures of the president of the united states in sandusky, ohio. there he is at the top of your screen in the middle there. he's shaking hands, meeting with folks. the president
. >>> and former president george w. bush celebrates his birthday by giving a gift to countries in africa. a multi-million dollar effort to fight cervical cancer. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> 102 degrees in the shade. this picture, take a look at it, taken here in washington. sums up what much of the nation is feeling today. yet another day of blistering heat. triple digits in many places shattering records all over the map. the heat is dangerous, potentially deadly. it's almost impossible to escape. and for the hundreds of thousands still without power, without access to air-conditioning, it verges on the unbearable. the heat is also devastating to the economy. a drought in parts of the midwest may be the worst in decades. and prospects for the corn crop right now they are dimming every day. we have the latest on all the weather conditions, what you need to know to stay safe. but let's begin with lisa sylvester right now. she's here in washington, d.c. lisa, just how hot is it outside of the nat
's bullet proof vest. they finally did but only after years of fighting over this issue. george w. bush overturned the ban on assault weapons. obama has to reinstate that ban, get rid of the high capacity magazine. we're turning into a gun happy, gun crazy country and i'm more concerned that their motto is don't tread on me. well, my motto is don't tread on the american people anymore. host: that was not oscar, that was jennifer, thank you very much for the call from new york city. jermaine has this point,: the denver post has punished some -- published some of the most horrific shootings in history, leading the list is suspect james egan holmes, who shot 71 people, killing 12. in the virginia tech shooting, # two were killed, 27 wounded, in 1966, charles whitman, 47 people shot, 16 were killed, 31 wounded, killeen, texas, 45 people were shot at luby's cafeteria, 23 fatally shot, at mcdonald's in san ysidro, california, 40 people shot, 19 wounded, and at columbine high school in littleton, colorado, 39 people were shot, 13 died, 26 wounded, the list is available at denver than
their step can find ways to be embarrassed. former president george w. bush, he was an expert.
lie. >> and the big panel weighs in on george w. bush's jaw-dropping new interview. >> eight years was awesome. and you know, i was famous and i was powerful. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. another day, another new plan of attack for the romney campaign. yesterday, it was the dart board mentality. today, it's the kitchen sink approach. >> his priority is not creating jobs for you. his priority is trying to keep his own job, and that's why he's going to lose it. he's out of touch, out of ideas, out of excuses. that's why in november we have to get him out of office. he divides us.
the country's focus on education, it seems like at one point, not long ago, even under george w. bush, we kind of could come together on the subject and say this has got to be a priority. but now it has become so partisan, i wonder as someone who is in a school setting in the hollywood vein but also is working on issues that affect students, what you make of that. >> well, it's kind of interesting that we look back to the george bush era when we could all get along. yeah, it's just so important. the santorum comment about everybody should have a college education, when a snob. it's almost as if we're dumbing ourselves down. a college education is a terrific opportunity for a child to bloom and grow. i know for me it awakened my natural curiosity for the first time in my life. it was a terrific experience. if a kid wants to go to school now it's really difficult. grants and scholarships are down, way, way down, and there are so many student loans out there that there's all this fine print and these people, kids and parents, go into these not knowing what they're saying and that's why this colle
during the administrations of george w. bush and ronald reagan. he's now a senior advisor at the center for strategic and international studies. gentlemen, thank you both for being with us. john mearsheimer, i'm going to start with you. this did start with the article in foreign affairs magazine. you don't go as far as that author does in arguing that a nuclear-armed iran would be a net positive. but you do agree with him that it would bring stability to the region. why? >> i think there's no question that a nuclear-armed iran would bring stability to the region because nuclear weapons are weapons of peace. they're weapons of deterrence. they have hardly any offensive capability at all. and if iran had a nuclear deterrent, there's no way that the united states or israel, for that matter, would be threatening to attack iran now. in the same way that if saddam had had nuclear weapons in 2003, the united states would not have invaded iraq. anif libya h nuclear weapons in 2011, the united states would not have gone to war against libya. so i think that if you had a middle east where other s
their step can find ways to be embarrassed. former president george w. bush, he was an expert. we all have those moments. have a nice trip. i'm don lemon. see you back here tomorrow night. good night. >> the exclusive interview three years in the making. the one person who knew michael jackson better than anyone else. his mother, catherine jackson. >> every day i think about michael. michael looked back at the times and said he was abused. they call it abuse, but sometimes if it wasn't for the strap, what would this world be like today? >> did you ever hope he would find true love? >> i always thought about that, but michael seemed happy. he found a lot of joy in his children. >> the talent michael hid from the world. >> he loved art a lot. he loved paintings and water colors and even crayons. >> her explosive theory about conrad murray. >> here did a terrible thing. there might have been others involved. >> catherine jackson in an extraordinary hour. the interview starts now. tonight an extraordinary look at michael jackson's private through his artwork. he started drawing as a child and
. but that wing was discredited with the iraq war under george w. bush and certainly from a pure political position is not popular. so if he wants to go overseas and talk like he's dick cheney, i don't think you would believe that would be good politics for him, do you? >> i don't know if he would go over and speak like dick cheney. we do need a strong foreign policy and not so much to be liked in the world, we need to be predictable. what is it americans stand for? what will we do. i don't buy this idea of american imperialism or dominance, we're dominant because we're the largest, a third of the world people and produce a fourth of the wealth. that allows us to have a voluntary army of men and women, greatest technology in the world. that's bought and paid for with our system, one -- >> uncritical celebration in america does not equal pride in america. the recognition there's flaws and missteps is not a recognition it's not great, it acknowledges your denial. >> i'm not denying anything. >> i can't give awe history lesson here in a few seconds, you've got to read books and come prepared
. former president george w. bush, he was an expert. we all have those moments. have a nice trip. i'm don lemon. see you back here tomorrow night. good night. >>> we call our show "the next list" but truth being told we're not making a list. we're keeping one. a list of amazing people. whose passion and work influence our future. they are agents of change, innovators. and in this special episode, we introduce you to ten you really should know. this is "the next list." hello and welcome to a special edition of "the next list." "10 innovators changing your world." i'm dr. sanjay gupta.
to believe this is beneath contempt, yet it did undermine his candidacy and helped reelect george w. bush. i don't think barack obama will make that mistake, he understands the ultimate goal is winning campaigns and getting reletting, that's the best way to push his agenda forward and they are doing that. host: the gospel according to the fix and your blog, entitled the fix, where did you come up with that? guest: i recently did a book signing and someone asked me that question and i said it was a compromise in a lot of ways. first of all, any time you try to name any political blog at this point that has campaign or 2012 or two on it's already taken. number two, we did this in '05 and the goal was, the conceit of the fix, the blog, was are there enough people who are political addicts and that's kind of where we got the fix from, this would be your fiction, if you were a political junkie and you loved the granular politics, if you wanted to talk about in the book i say my fest of a political junkie is if at this point in the 2012 campaign, if i mention the 2016 handicapping for president,
, with his manufacturing ideas, yeah, absolutely. >> suarez: dem yatsic critics were very tough on george w. bush in the months following the recovery that began after 9/11. too few jobs, recovery too slow, job creation too shallow. are we in a different economic world now? isn't it just as fair a criticism as barack obama as it was of george work bush in the early part of this century? >> i think the difference there is that it's what i was just talk approximating about. i mean it's one thing for a president to not have a set of plans to get you from here to there, and here i thought mr. chen's discussion a second okay was very misleading. i don't think governo governor-- governor romney has any plans vis-a-vis job growthnd cay go through that in a second. the thing the president can say that is different is i, in fact, have a set of measures that independent people, you don't have to listen to me, listen the congressional budget office, to independent economists who scored this are saying, yeah, and it's actually not that complicated, if you provide some fiscal relief to state was have to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 95 (some duplicates have been removed)